Our Home Philosophy

At Bountiful Early Childhood Education, we embrace every child, their individuality, their family, and their community. We are committed to promoting
supportive interactions within a safe, respectful, and positive environment. Our Team passionately work together in building relationships, developing trust
with open communication, all while evolving constantly. Every child will feel welcome, supported, and nurtured. Our caring focus on your child, your family,
and our community at Bountiful. We believe that every child’s early years form a pivotal foundation for their future learning, well being, and health. We
believe that every child is capable and that all children are unique learners. They develop their personal milestones while exploring their own unique path.
Our Team is committed to protecting the environment and ensuring a sustainable future for our children through continuous improvement we strive to be
better tomorrow than we are today.

“Bountiful Early Childhood Education offers a range of experiences that will be sure to fulfill every child’s developmental milestones” (Bountiful Educator)”

We believe that family is a child’s first and most influential teacher, hence why we strive to extend upon that through working collaboratively with our families. We are passionate in promoting a smooth transition between the family home and our home.

“Our Educators ensure that high quality care and education is provided for our children in an environment that is a home” (Evgenia Ousta – Nominated Supervisor, Director)”

Our Educators Promise to …

Build a secure, safe, nurturing, positive and trusted relationship to support every child in strengthening their confidence and self-esteem.
“Our positive interactions with our families allow us to comfortably discuss various types of information about the child to the family (Bountiful Family)”
Enrich every child’s learning and development through extending upon their strength and interest in a play – based learning environments.
Set the example and promote positive interactions to support our children in becoming responsible citizens
Strengthen and embrace every child’s critical thinking and dispositions of learning by collaborating with open-ended questions, embedding a variety of rich and meaningful inquiry-based experiences, and scaffolding their learning through intentional teaching.
Assist our children in developing an understanding and respect for the environment and encourage critical thinking
Role model practices that encourage sustainability through recycling, water conservation
and electricity usage
“Bountiful Early Childhood Education provides the best care and education to support children’s development individually in a safe and healthy environment as well as integrating in play based curriculum” (Sabrina Li– Approved Provider)”
Support and promote every child’s sense of agency by advocating their freedom of expression while empowering their choices and decisions.

In Partnership with our families and community we will….

Develop an open and constructive relationship where parent views are respected. Particularly in relation to the decision – making process for every child’s journey of advanced learning and well being.
Continuously promote a supportive and inclusive environment by advocating every family’s rights and freedom of expressions regardless of race, abilities, socio-economic status, cultural background, and religious beliefs.
Promote our open-door policy, which is aimed at helping families feel valued, supported, and cared for.
Work hand in hand to continuously bring out the best of every child.
Have access to environmental protection information available to families
Provide Families and our community with ways they are able to be more environmentally friendly at home
Provide information on environmentally friendly products that could be use in the home
“Environment is a series of nested structures that form a complex functioning whole, or system. Each layer of the environment (microsystem – child’s immediate surrounding; mesosystem – home and childcare centre) joins with the others to powerfully affect development” (Bronfenbrenner, 1917-2005)”
“I love that everyone supports one another, works together as a team, always working to make the centre the best it can be and is a positive environment to be in” (Bountiful Educator)”

Our Early Childhood Education Centre promises to…

Implementing the Code of Ethics whilst creating a homely, welcoming, safe and inclusive environment for every child, every family, our staff and our wider community.
Continuously review our everyday practices with a constant commitment to professional development that will support our pedagogical practices and principles.
Promote and establish a sustainable practice and develop every child’s appreciation for the environment throughout our everyday curriculum

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