Bountiful believes that to run a great curriculum, it should encompass the ideas of the educators, the children and families. It extends upon children's interest, needs and goals and most importantly, it should be fun and engaging for the children.
We follow the National Quality Famework, which encompasses the National Quality Standards (NQS) and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). We ensure the family and community are involved in our program, which is filled with planned and spontaneous experiences. We always welcome ideas and input from our families where you are free to share any skills such as cooking, story reading etc
Bountiful runs a school readiness program which starts from the moment they start at our centre. We communicate with local schools and teachers to ensure we are providing a program where the child has the best possible start to school. This involves engaging children in literacy skills, numeracy skills, self-help skills, evolving their confidence and self-esteem and building upon relationships including communication, negotiation and problem solving. We believe a holistic school readiness program will assist your child to be ready for new adventures in their 'big school' years.
Bountiful is an equal opportunity centre where we embrace all cultures and backgrounds. We ensure our service reflects multiple cultures where children can learn and embrace our diverse world and can grow to respect and live with understanding and harmony

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