School Readiness Program

Bountifuls School Readiness Curriculum

The Bountiful Early Childhood Education School Readiness curriculum will be implemented between the hours of 13:00pm and 14:00pm, as well as through our routine and programme. Our curriculum focuses on assisting children’s development by increasing their confidence and independence prior to starting school. Our School Readiness curriculum also encourages children’s interests, strengths, and abilities, allowing them to become active learners. Our qualified educators are committed to supporting our children reach their full potential ensuring our children are slo developing their social and emotional skills in a safe, fun, and loving environment. During our School Readiness Program, we will encourage children’s involvement in the communities around us in order to help them become active and informed citizens.

Our 5 Major Factors


Cognitive Skills
  • Letter/ Name recognition
  • Problem solving
  • Explain their ideas / opinion
  • Number recognition
  • Able to make decisions


Social Skills
  • Build relationship with educators & other children
  • Being able to wait and take turns
  • Engage in cooperative play


Language Skills
  • Identify letters, sounds and vowels
  • Understanding & identifying words through stories
  • Engaging in conversation confidently with educators and children


Physical Skills
  • Self-help skills
  • Fine motor skills (able to grip a pencil, scissors & glue)
  • Spatial Awareness (climbing, crawling, jumping, balancing and etc)


Emotional Skills
  • Emotional awareness
  • Conflict resolution
  • Manage emotions
  • Following guidelines
  • Able to play independently & with the other children too

Pre – Literacy

Supporting children’s phonological awareness and oral language through shared reading. Shared reading is implemented during our many group times. Phonological awareness is completed throughout the week with our school readiness children.

Pre – Numeracy

Pre Numeracy is integrated throughout the routine and program which supports children’s numeracy skill such as number recognition, the implementation of numbers in daily life and various counting principals.

Show & Tell

Our Show and Tell program is held weekly throughout the year. Children’s receptive and expressive language, confidence, sense of identity and belonging will be supported throughout this program.

Socca Joeys Program

Soccajoeys program is implemented into our school readiness curriculum to challenge and stimulate our children’s physical and gross motor capacity. It allows our children to develop skills in working cooperatively with a partner or in a group, as well as, discipline and persistence to achieve their goals. It teaches conflict resolution and most importantly resilience and self confidence

Eddy the Teddy

Eddy the teddy is a great part of our program, our little bear gets to go home with a different child each week and go on adventurers. Whilst at the childs home, families are encouraged to create a visual story with their children using photos that the child could then speak about with their peers.


Excursions will be implemented into the program throughout the year. Children’s engagement with the local community will be supported through visiting our local library, local shops and Toongabbie Public School.

Other programs that will be integrated are “Bring your own lunch box”, Cooking experiences, Monthly Projects Regular Science and experiments

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